Neosine Plus

How it works

Most of the acute inflammations of the upper respiratory tracts are caused by viruses1

Neosine and Neosine Forte are medicines which fight the most common cause of the upper respiratory tracts infections1 – viruses.

Neosine and Neosine Forte contain inosine pranobex, a substance used for ages in antiviral medicines and well-known amongst doctors. It is the substance that ensures double effect of Neosine and Neosine Forte in fighting the infections of the upper respiratory tracts.

Double effect of Neosine and Neosine Forte

Antiviral effect – after the particles of the virus enter the cell, inosine inhibits the translation process of the virus’s genetic material, thus inhibiting its growth and further multiplication.

Increasing immunity effect – stimulates the organism to produce immune cells – type T lymphocytes.

  • Lymphocytes that are a natural defense of the body fight the virus particles.
  • The increase in immune cells protects against further infections.
1 Diagnosis of acute inflammations of the upper respiratory tracts (gdo) – selection of materials and interpretation problems related to the presence of physiological flora and carrier; text of the lecture presented on the XXVII Convention of the Polish Society of Microbiologists in Lublin on 5-8 of September 2012, Elżbieta Mazur

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