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Neosine Tablets

Neosine tabletki - Jak stosować

packagings containing 20 and 50 tablets.

1 tablet contains 500 mg of inosine pranobex (Inosinum pranobexum).


  • Supportively in people with reduced immunity, in case of recurring upper respiratory tract infections.
  • In treating lip and face cold sores, caused by herpes simplex virus (Herpes simplex).

Adults, including elders (over 65 years old): recommended dose is 50 mg/kg of body weight per day. Maximum dose is 4 g per day. Usually 1 g (meaning 2 tablets given 3 to 4 times a day).
Children over 1 year old: recommended dose is 50 mg/kg of body weight per day, given in several divided doses. For children who cannot swallow tablets, it is recommended to administer Neosine in the syrup form.

Treatment duration – usually 5 to 14 days. After the symptoms subside, you should continue administering the medicinal product for another day or two.

The tablet should be taken with a large amount of liquid, preferably water. In case of difficulty with swallowing the whole tablet, to facilitate the administration, the tablet can be crumbled and dissolved in a small amount of water.

body weight tablets (per day)
 40-50 kg  4-5 tab.
 51-60 kg  5-6 tab.
 61-70 kg  6-7 tab.
 71-80 kg  7-8 tab.

The amount of tablets given in the table is based on the recommended dosing based on SmPC.


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