Neosine Plus


Who can use Neosine, Neosine Forte?

Both syrup as well as tablets Neosine can be used from the age of 1. For children, who don’t know how to swallow tablets, it is recommended to administer the syrup.

How long can Neosine, Neosine Forte be used for?

The duration of the treatment usually falls between 5 to 14 days. After the symptoms subside, you should continue administering the medicinal product for another day or two.

Can Neosine, Neosine Forte be used with an antibiotic?

Neosine and Neosine Forte can be used with an antibiotic, as no interactions between inosine and antibiotics had been recorded.

Are Neosine i Neosine Forte (OTC) the same products that were prescribed by doctor?

Yes, there are no changes in the composition of the products.

Do Neosine, Neosine Forte fight the symptoms of common cold and flu?

Neosine acts supportively in people with reduced immunity, in case of recurring upper respiratory tract infections.

Should Neosine, Neosine Forte be administered at regular intervals, e.g. each 8 hours, or can it be used, e.g., in the morning, afternoon, evening?

Compliant with the dosing, the recommended dose is 50 mg for 1 kg of body weight per day, administered in divided doses. Therefore, no regular intervals have to be kept – as long as the doses are equal.

Does Neosine, Neosine Forte cause undesirable effects?

Neosine as well as Neosine Forte, like every medicine, can cause undesirable effects. Possible undesirable effects are described in p. 4 of the leaflet.

Can Neosine, Neosine Forte be given with vitamin C?

Doctors do not recommend using inosine pranobex with vitamin C (ascorbic acid). Inosine may temporarily increase the level of uric acid. Uric acid precipitation is further enhanced in the acidic environment, which may be due to the intake of vitamin C.

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