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Is it a viral infection

Viruses are the most common cause of the upper respiratory tract infections. Infections caused by viruses can, however, have very similar symptoms to infections caused by bacteria. Accurate illness recognition allows to use a proper treatment method, which will ensure a fast recovery. It needs to be remembered that antibiotic (medicine that destroys bacteria) does not work on viruses and should only be used in bacterial infections.

Overusing anitibotics, meaning using them against viral infections, not only fails to cure the infection, but also has additional negative consequences:

  • destroys the natural bacterial flora, which is an important anti-microbial protection of the organism,
  • renders the bacterial flora resistant to antibiotics,
  • promotes the development of drug-resistant microorganisms,
  • hinders treatment in case of severe infection.

How to recognize a viral infection?

Symptoms Viral infections of upper respiratory tracts Bacterial infections of upper respiratory tracts
Cattarh watery, colorless mucopurulent
Body temperature raised, but usually below 38,5 degrees Celsius usually above 38,5 degrees Celsius
Throat painful, reddened, no secretion heavily reddened, possible secretion on the tonsils
Cough if any – dry with expectoration of the secretion
Other weakness, muscle pains, chills, headaches, headaches, loss of apetite dyspnoea, abdominal pains or headaches
  Use Neosine Antibiotic recommended

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